Composting and Organics Division!

C&C Peat operates a 20 acre composting and processing center that produces the highest quality Class AA Compost in the State.

Class AA Compost

C&C Peat compost is the highest level of quality and safety that can be obtained, and is the top source of premium compost in the state of Florida. Our product meets and exceedes EPA 503 standards. We certify that the Compost that is used in our mixes is Class AA. Ensure that your supplier's claims of compost quality is meeting standards set by the EPA. Much of our process is proprietary; however for information on the Techincal Aspects of our Compost, please click HERE. For Class AA standards information, please have a look at the documentaion on the

EPA website.

To read more on Compost, here is some more information, courtesy of the US EPA:
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Horse Bedding Removal

The chief feedstock for our composting operations is Horse Bedding from thoroughbred racing stables, currently from farms located in Central Florida. These shavings are typically Pine, and are increasingly kiln dried. We can compost 150,000 cubic yards of shavings per year at our Okahumpka, FL facility. If you would like to learn more about our Removal Program, or to contact a representative, click HERE.

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