Horse Bedding Removal

If you require removal assistance, or would like more information, please send an email to or call our office at 800-330-4866.

Horse Bedding Pile Removal

The main service that C&C Peat offers it's Horse Farm clients is bulk pile removal. This is most efficient for piles larger than 1500 cubic yards of material. This equates to roughly 30 loads for us to haul away. We can serve your farm for as small a pile as 1000 cubic yards (20 loads); however, we will have to charge a fee to move our loader to your location. Any pile in excess of 1500 cubic yards (30 loads) is only charged for the removal service itself and not the loader. Our goal is to move the material to our facility, not to make a profit on it. As such, we only charge the freight and administrative costs to move the horse bedding. We make every effort to maximize the legal hauling limit of our truck, with an average load size of 50 cubic yards. If you would like to request removal services, please fill out our REQUEST FORM.

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