Soil Laboratory Analysis

It is very important to our company that we provide our customers with the safest products we can. In order to meet that level of quality control, we run our materials through a laboratory testing regimen. Laboratory results will be listed here starting with the most recent date. If you need more information, please contact our office.

C&C Laboratory Analysis by Date

2011 to Present
(please see Laboratory Compost Analysis)


2011 (new to old)

MOST RECENT: Second Quarter 2011

First Quarter 2011


2010 (new to old)

Third Quarter 2010

Second Quarter 2010

First Quarter 2010


2009 (new to old)

Fourth Quarter 2009

Third Quarter 2009

Second Quarter 2009

First Quarter 2009


2008 (new to old)

Fourth Quarter 2008

Third Quarter 2008

Second Quarter 2008

First Quarter 2008


2007 (new to old)

Fourth Quarter 2007

Second Quarter 2007

First Quarter 2007


2006 (new to old)

Fourth Quarter 2006

Third Quarter 2006

Second Quarter 2006


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