Potting Media!

C&C Peat uses numerous additives and components in creation of custom blended mixes. These components will be mixed in order to supply you, the nursery, with the best growing media possible. The following are some examples of our most common components and additives.

Aged Pine Bark

Three-Quarter Inch Aged Pine Bark          Three-Eights Inch Pine Bark

One of the most popular media additives for our custom mixes is the incorporation of aged Pine Bark. The bark that we use is from a restricted number of suppliers, which provides us with a consistent product - both in age and size. We carry Pine Bark in many sizes, including: 3/8", 3/4", and mini-nuggets.



Nutri-Bark is our newest product, which is created by partially composting 3/8" Pine Bark. This bark is sent through the same composting process as material that we create our quality compost from. Because Nutri-Bark is partially composted, the Carbon to Nitrogen ratio is drastically dropped from fresh bark. A lower Carbon to Nitrogen ratio means that Nutri-Bark will have a lower nitrogen uptake level, leaving more of your fertilizer nutrients for plant use. For more information, please see our Pamphlet on Nutri-Bark.

Composted Pine Bark

Composted Pine Bark

In addition to our aged bark, and Nutri-Bark, we also carry a fully composted Pine Bark, which is much denser and heavier than any other bark product. This product has been composted on average from six to seven years.

Cypress and Hardwood Sawdust

Cypress Sawdust          Hardwood Sawdust

Sawdust is an excellent product to use for aeration in a short growing cycle crop. Cypress Sawdust has a smaller particle size than Hardwood and both have specific applications in relation to different growing mixes.

Perlite & Vermiculite

Perlite          Vermiculite

These products provide for high percentages of aeration without the weight and high water holding capacity found in other products. Perlite and Vermiculite are the industry standards in this aeration category and can provide you with different results, depending on which product you use. Perlite will provide high aeration, with little water holding capacity, and will crush under weight. Vermiculite on the other hand, will also provide high aeration, with some water holding capacity, and will smash under weight. Both products are very light weight.

DOT Grade 200 Sand & Clay


If you have need of additional weight, with some drainage capability, then a good additive to use is DOT Grade 200 Sand or Florida Clay. Both products are extremely clean and sterile in nature. Sand is a good product to use if you are not needing any additional use from the product other than weight and drainage. Florida Clay is a much finer grain and also has some nutrient release.


Most potting soil mixes need to be conditioned to a certain pH range, and to meet this need we add Dolomite to most medias. Dolomite, by nature, attempts to bring a media to a pH of 7 and also acts as a pH buffer - so there is less shift in pH. We have specific calculations on achieving certain pH ranges for your needs, and can use Dolomite to obtain those results.

Fertilizers & Pesticides

At C&C Peat's new location, we built a very large (~5000 sq. ft.) warehouse for stocking and storing fertilizers, pesticides, and other bagged additives. We keep certain products in stock, which can be purchased for use in mixes. In addition, we can store customer stock in our warehouse for a very small usage fee. If you are seeking certain bagged additives, let us know and we can assist you in obtaining and storing them.

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