Potting Media!

C&C Peat Company's main business is the creation of premium quality potting media mixes. If you would like more information on our process, would like to set up an account or place an order please see the options and descriptions below.

Product Reviews & Results

C&C Peat is renowned for its quality and consistency. Many of our clients can't say enough about the results they receive with our potting media.

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To Place an Order

If you would like to place an order with C&C Peat, you can contact Ray Busby at 352-568-5824 or send an email to nurseries@ccpeat.com. You can also fill out our information FORM.

Base Components & Media Additives

C&C Peat operates our own Peat mine in Groveland, FL as well as our Composting facility in Okahumpka, FL. In addition to these main components that combine to form Enviro-Peat, we also ship in Canadian Sphagnum Peat out of the bogs throughout Canada. For more information on our Base Components, CLICK HERE

With the vast differences in growing locations, conditions and plants, custom mixes are a must for superior results. Because of this, C&C Peat offers and carries 14 additional additives that can be incorporated into a mix, as well as Fertilizers, Pesticides, Wetting Agents and Water Absorbing Polymers. For detailed information of each of our Media Additives, please CLICK HERE.

Basic Mixes

While C&C Peat does create custom blended mixes for all of our clients, there are a half dozen or so basic mixes that we employ as the starting point for mix creation. Check out these mixes and their uses by CLICKING HERE.

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