Product Reviews and Testimonials!

If you have a review or testimonial about any C&C Peat Product, please contact us and let us know. We are always striving to improve our services and products, and we need your input to know what is working
for you!

"I have purchased from C&C Peat since 1981,
the quality and service are excellent.

-Ty Matlack, Matlack Tree Farm

"The quality, performance, price and service
of C&C Peat is very, very good.

-Bienvenido Suero, Acosta Farms

"Since April, 2003, we have used Enviro-Peat...
The plants love it and it holds up well.

-Forest Beeman, Beeman's Nursery

"Organic and renewable. Good for plants and easy on nature.
It's the thing to do.

-Bill DeMott, Pelican Nursery

"Their Competition is fierce, giving us soil to test, and we continue to stick with C&C Peat because their results are always there."

-Lynn Miller, Sunscape Tree Farm

"More consistent than all other competitors."

-Vernon Cook Jr., Oxford Groundcovers

"I am very pleased with the consistency of C&C's soil,
time after time.

-Jim McCabe, McCabe Farms

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